18 thg 6, 2012

Amazing pig born with just 2 front legs and no hind legs

pig with disability only 2 legs

The center of gravity is much different on a pig than a human being so balancing and walking on just front legs is quiet a challenge but this young pig goes about his day as normal. When it is meal time Zhu jianqiang comes like any normal pig.
Pig named Zhu Jianqiang, which translates as strong or strong-willed, was born without back legs. This little pig has become quite a celebrity and now tourists come from all over to see him. The Amazing pig born with just 2 front legs and no hind legs has more will than many humans.
The farmer did not kill him, but instead began to teach it to walking on front paws.
Surprisingly, after 30 days the piglet was able to move independently.
Now the weight of the pig is over 50 kilograms, and it does not prevent him to move freely only on two legs. The pig balances on his front 2 legs as he moves about.
pig born with only 2 legs
At meal time zhu steadies in front of the food pan and basically stands on his head balancing his body up so his mouth can reach into the pan. This courageous pig does not even act like he has a disability.
diabled pig with 2 legs
Zhu shows a crowd of tourist his incredible ability to balance and eat using just his front paws. Some folks have offered to buy the pig but the owner will not sell. Zhu doesn’t see himself as disabled rather just a normal pig.

source: http://www.newsweird.com/2010111910/animals/amazing-pig-born-with-just-2-front-legs-and-no-hind-legs-3042
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